Megi Hysa – `We depend too much on computers today` Opinion essay

Megi Hysa – `We depend too much on computers today` Opinion essay

`We depend too much on computers today`

These days computers are used for almost everything like for help with school assignments, shopping, to communicate with people and also information about everyday life . Now they are also used for online classes. Almost every day we use our computer and it might be some people`s job to work with them. But are we depending too much on our computers these days?

Computers help us with everyday life activities like school for example.  When students want to learn about something about their lesson or something new, they just open their computer and search it up.   What`s more, computers also help them with online classes cause it is more easy and comfortable than in mobile phones. These days almost all students do their homework with the help of a computer and the paperwork is also cleaner. But computers are also used for other things like shopping. For example, when we want to buy clothes but we can`t go out we can just order them online on our computer and you don`t have to go to the shops. But on the other hand, not all the websites are safe so we should be careful. Computers can also be helpful with information that we need about what happens every day. For example when we are not at home and we want to watch the news, we can watch them or read them by a laptop. Laptops are pretty easy and not that big to carry.

However, sometimes people depend too much on computers and do almost everything with the help of a computer. For example, there are some students that do plagiarism at school essays or homework. That is not a good thing because they only copy and paste what is ready in the internet. This fact can also kill their creativity. But when we don`t use computers for our homework, we can be based on our text books or encyclopedias. Also using a computer to order online stuff can make people lazy cause they think they don`t have to go out to buy things they need.

To sum up, I think that sometimes we depend too much on computers but they are a big invention that help us a lot. Personally, I think that we should depend on computers sometimes but with some restrictions.

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