Segi Braha – ‘We depend too much on computers today’ essay

Segi Braha – ‘We depend too much on computers today’ essay

We depend too much on computers today


Our dependence on computers keeps getting bigger each year. We live now in 2021 and we can tell that still, the spending hours on computers are stable. If we could see the future, for sure we would see the world controlled by technology.


Computers are built to make our daily lives easier. Whenever we need to go shopping, just open the webpage of the shop, click the product, add the address and it’s just done. You don’t have to walk through different shops for hours to buy a thing you want or need. What’s more is that computers have changed our lives completely. Look at the case of a student life. Lots of homework, projects that need time. Those can be worked on computers very easily. They don’t need to stay at libraries anymore, looking through pages because just a look up about the topic in computers and in only 1 second over 2 billion results show up. That’s just unbelievable!


I mentioned before the products that we order online. Well, computers themselves use us as a product for their business. We think that they have been invented just for the good reasons. Everything needs to be seen in two different sides, the advantage and the disadvantage. Computers work in that way that make us to spend unlimited hours on them and they just make money of this. By this long time spent on computers we are building a virtual life, and we’re forgetting that we have a family, we have friends. We have a real life out of those computers.


To sum up, computers can be the best technology that we have ever had and will have for the rest of our lives. But computers are the biggest enemy of our real lives. As much years we go through the relationship between us and the technology is just getting bigger and is damaging use don’t have the medicine of this and we still have to keep thinking, what’s gonna happen next…All I can say is, we have a life out of that computer. We need to live that life before it’s too late. The computers will always be waiting for each of us…

Worked by: Segi Braha


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