Junior School Programme Questions & Answers

1. Who can enrol on the Junior School Programme?

Any student aged between 13 and 17 years old can enrol on the Junior School Programme. We accept individual students as well as groups.

2. What is the difference between the Junior Programmes you offer?

We have three Junior School programmes available:


  1. The JS Full Programme – this programme includes English lessons, accommodation, all meals and a recreational Please see our Sample activities schedule for more details.


  1. The JS Weekday Programme is for students who want to attend classes and activities during weekdays only. Students are usually accommodated by their relatives or


  1. The JS Classes are for students who are in Oxford with their relatives or guardians and want to attend classes


For options 2 and 3 above the School will need the address and contact details of the guardian or relative in Oxford to be included in the Junior Consent to Travel and Study Form.


3. What will I do during the day if I enrol on the JS Full Programme or the JS Weekday Programme?

During the week your typical day will look as follows:

  • English lessons in the morning
  • Buffet lunch at the School
  • An organized activity in the afternoon
  • A warm dinner at the homestay provider (JS Full Programme only)
  • An organized activity in the evening every Tuesday and Thursday, after which the School will provide transport to take the students safely back to their
  • Full-day excursion on Saturday (JS Full Programme only)
4. How can I book an individual on a Junior School Programme?

Please complete the following forms and send them to the School address, or scan and email them to info@oxford-school.co.uk:

  • Registration Form
  • Junior Consent to Travel and Study Form


5. How can I book a group on a Junior School Programme?

Please complete the Group Booking Form, or contact the School for more information. Let us know about the number of students attending, group leaders, dates and other requirements by sending us an email to: info@oxford-school.co.uk


6. How can my child get from the airport to their homestay provider?

Oxford ILS can provide a taxi service to collect your child from the airport. We also provide a Meet & Greet service so that your child can be welcomed at the airport and taken to their homestay by a staff member of Oxford ILS. Please contact us if you would like to book the airport transport for your child.


7. Does my child need a course book?

No. All materials are included in the price.


8. What is the curfew for a Junior student?

Junior students must be back at their home by 7:30pm every day, with the exception of the organized evening activities, after which the student will be taken to their homestay. We advise your child to go straight home after each activity, and also travel in groups or with a classmate.

9. What is the difference between the Junior Programme and the 16+ Programme?

Students on the 16+ Programme are students between the age of 16 and 17, treated as adults. This means students can attend classes with adults and they are not supervised when they are not on the School’s premises. Students on this Programme have a different curfew compared to the Junior Programme. They have to be at their homestay by 10:30pm.

10. How do I know where the School is on the first day?

On the first day (and every day during the week) you will meet a Group Leader in a city centre location and the Leader will walk with all the students to the School.

11. Is there free internet access on the School’s premises?

Yes – wi-fi is available to all students free of charge on the School’s premises and at the homestay. However, the students need to bring their own phone, laptop or tablet to access it.

12. Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes. Please let us know about the students special dietary requirements in the Application Forms.

13. What are your doing for the safety of a junior student?

The safety of our young learners is paramount for us. We have a comprehensive welfare policy. Please see our Safeguarding Policy for Parents.

14. When will we receive more information about the homestay, Oxford and the timetable?

Between two and three weeks before arrival the students and their parents or guardians will receive an Information Pack that will consist of:

  • Details of the homestay provider
  • Pre-arrival Information for Students, such as:
    • Traveling to Oxford
    • How to get to the School and the Homestay provider
    • Weekly timetable
    • What to do in an emergency
    • Any other information needed for an enjoyable stay in our School!

For more information see our general Q & A.

If you have any other questions, please speak to someone from the Office.