”After School” program

“After School” program is a set of activities which help children from grade 1-5 and their parents too. AEL provides a friendly and warm environment and helps children build positive and long-lasting relationships with their mates,

How does “After school” help children?

The aim of this program is to help children by revising the current day lessons and fully prepare the homework and lessons for the following day. The duration of the program is three hours a day, and 30 minutes of entertainment through games (outside, board games and reading), and educational activities (Compasito manual).


How does “After school” help parents?

Long working hours do not favour working with your children, and that’s why we are here to help.

We take care of your children’s preparation for the next day meanwhile you take care of spending more quality time together.

Pupils are divided into small groups of 3-8 learners per group, according to the classes they belong to. The teacher pays full attention to each individual learner and helps maximize learning.

Children of classes 1-5 also learn English language, divided into groups and levels, from Monday to Friday. Transport to and from school and meals are also provided upon parents’ requests.

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